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Firnsarnien's Delusions

and Random Ramblings

31 March 1968
I primarily read and write Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy slash. So, if that's not you're thing, keep that in mind when you mosey on over to my LJ. So far, my stories don't contain much porn, but that may change. Please also keep that in mind if you're over at my LJ and are not 18.

I love all things LOTR, Smallville, Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, and La Femme Nikita although recently, I've been totally immersed in the Harry Potter universe. Harry Potter Mpreg stories have also become my secret obsession as well. A few good stories was all it took to get me hooked.

Unfortunately, I just turned forty *sob*. ;) Too old to be perving after Harry and Draco, but I don't think I'm alone on this one. LOL

Some of my favorite things are:

Books: JRR Tolkien's LOTR; JK Rowling's Harry Potter; Jean Auel's
Earth's Children series; Anything by Victoria Holt; Elizabeth
Peter's Crocodile on the Sandbank; Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little
House on the Prarie series; Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew
series; Embraced By The Light (author?); Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles

TV shows: La Femme Nikita (USA); Queer As Folk (Showtime);
Over There (FX); Smallville (CW); True Blood (HBO); Stargate Universe (Sci Fi)

Website Favorites:


Animal: Dogs, in particular, Sugar. A little white toy poodle who is
the light of my life.

Places I've Visited: Disneyland; Laguna Beach, California; Maui, Hawaii, San Antonio, Texas, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & London

Heros: Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse (FYI- Walt Disney was a wizard
who gave us muggles a little bit of magic the only way he could;
through the magic of Disneyland!) ;)

Facts about me:

Occupation: Elementary teacher
Marital Status: Married
Children: One son
Car: Redline Saturn Vue

If you want to friend me, feel free. I'd also love to hear why you did. :)

Artist credit and instructions for using my Harry/Draco mood theme (created by shaggirl)can be found here.